108M Mega Yacht Concept

The Norway-based award-winning studio Hareide Design has recently developed a concept for the eco-friendly super yacht that goes by the name ‘108M,’ which comes from the form of the classic 108M mono hull design. The 108M Mega Yacht is designed to offer a number of spectacular views that encourage connections with the natural surroundings.




The 108M concept that is a floating luxury hotel, boasts a multifunctional grand hall, a lavish dining, entertaining areas and viewing space, as well as a serene garden that surrounds a 20-meter pool at the aft-most part of the ship and a seamless transition to the water at the stern contribute to a completely new experience. Not to mention, the 108M also has a helipad—which is not necessarily an inherent feature amongst most mega yachts.



The ‘108M’ with own private beach also features 300-square-meters of high-efficiency solar panels that effectively charge a covey of lithium-ion batteries that supply the large-scale sea vessel with a sustainable source of energy for moving along at a light cruising speed. As an alternative to this, cruising on the mega yacht can also happen at higher speeds with a switch to diesel-electric propulsion.





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