2017 Audubon Photography Awards

The winners of the eighth annual Audubon Photography Awards competition have just been announced. The National Audubon Society was once more kind enough to share some of this year’s winners and runners-up with us below.

Atlantic Puffin. Photo: Ann Pacheco

Photographers entered images in three categories: professional, amateur, and youth. More than 5,500 images depicting birdlife from 49 states and eight Canadian provinces, were judged.

Brandt’s Cormorant. Photo: Joe Galkowski

Great Gray Owl. Photo: Steve Mattheis

Peregrine Falcons. Photo: Glenn Conlan

Ring-necked Duck. Photo: Chris Hartzell

Snow Goose. Photo: Danny Hancock

Western Grebes. Photo: Andrew Lee

Gentoo Penguins. Photo: Deborah Albert

Peregrine Falcons. Photo: Glenn Conlan

American Oystercatchers. Photo: Warren Hatch Andrew Lee

Rufous Hummingbird. Photo: Vince Streano

Bald Eagles. Photo: Aaron Baggenstos

Grackle sp. Photo: Brian Kushner

Northern Pygmy-Owl. Photo: Mary Madden

Bronzed Cowbird. Photo: Carole Wiley

Rough-legged Hawk. Photo: Gene Putney

Ospreys. Photo: Ly Dang

Red-winged Blackbirds. Photo: Nathan Rolls

Great Gray Owl. Photo: Stacy Hoffman

Common Raven. Photo: Sue Dougherty