Almighty Ferrari F430 by Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk is known mainly for its wide-body kits, but with this Ferrari they have really outdone themselves. The Japanese tuner’s experts have focused their gaze on the almighty Ferrari F430 and created a fantastic new body kit that impresses both aesthetically and performance-wise. The package was created using carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and it includes a new front bumper, modified side skirts, a rear bumper, a rear diffuser, a new rear wing and wide fenders.

When purchasing the kit, you have several options available, with the complete package featuring a price tag of $29,160. However, you could give up on the rear wing, in which case the price drops to $24,300. If you want to go lower still, you could opt for an FRP-made body kit without the rear wing, which costs $19,980. You could also choose to install an air suspension system priced at $8,900, and those fenders could definitely accommodate a set of large wheels enveloped in high-end tires.