Amazing Projects By Spirit Motorcycles

These two upcoming projects by UK based motorcycle company Spirit Motorcycles, named GP Sport and GP Street. The new models will be manufactured in limited numbers of 50 each, in the United Kingdom. Both of these bikes will receive special R versions, which will be considerably more powerful and will include better electronics.

Power-wise, we’re looking at a 750cc triple engine that boasts a lengthened stroke, which increases displacement and overall power. The standard version of the engine is able to dish out 156 horsepower, while the R versions will offer 180 horsepower.

Speaking of the R models, they will also come with a Motec M130 ECU, which will take care of the adjustable traction control, electronic slipper clutch, adjustable anti-wheelie, throttle position and more. The Sport R and Street R motorcycles will benefit from a Vodafone 4G SIM system, which will allow the rider to stay connected to the cloud at all times.

The Standard GP Sport and GP Street will be priced at about $57,300 each, while the Sport R and Street R will set you back $82,760 and $89,130 respectively.