BAC Art Car Mono Project

The British sports car maker decided the vehicle would be an interesting canvas for a special art project. That’s how the BAC Art Car Mono project has been born.

The awesome single-seat roadster now features electric blue, red and yellow stripes, along the length of the black body. A wonderful mix of state of the art automotive technology and art, this eye catching version of the BAC Mono was developed by BAC and Autodesk, with the later responsible for the CFD graphics to life on the car’s body.

The freshly-added stripes create a vibrant display of aerodynamics and airflow atop the black body of this beauty, and according to BAC, this is a first in the automotive industry, it looks cool.

The BAC Mono is powered by an impressive 305-hp 2.5-liter, offering a 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) acceleration of just 2.8 seconds, it all comes together into one hell of a ride. This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed saw the arrival of various interesting projects, yet this one still manages to stand out from the crowd.