Casa del Acantilado in Granada, Spain

Casa del Acantilado is a private residence near Granada that features a zoomorphic facade embedded into a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. It is a mesmerizing example of architectural design, fusing the landscape with the reptilian forms of nature. A two-storey original residence has been created by Madrid’s GilBartolome Arquitectos.

Housing a couple and their child, the provocative design features a two-storey interior with three bedrooms and their respective balconies situated up top and a multi-tiered living room that looks past a swimming pool to unobstructed views of the sea.

Its cave-like design draws from the tradition of the region, and burrows into a 42-degree incline to provide a cooling effect in summer, and vice versa during winter.

The distinctive roof, meanwhile, was made using a handcrafted formwork system and efficient, deformable metal mesh, covered with handcrafted zinc scales that are designed with one corner flipped up to catch the sunlight.

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