Enjoy Your Picnic With Parqer Glass

If you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine outside what kind of glass fits this occasion? Parqer Glass has now come with a solution for these situations by bringing the real wine experience into nature. Parqer Glass recently won the ambitious Red Dot Design Award Product Design 2016.

Parqer Glass solely works with high quality materials and strives to combine design and comfort in an elegant way. The minimal design keeps the taste sensation of drinking from a traditional wine glass at the same time as the comfort is enhanced. The aluminum pin provides stability on any soft surface to reduce the risk of tipping over.

Parqer Glass consists of a classic Royal Leerdam Wineglass where the foot is replaced by an aluminum pin. The upper part of the pin is precisely made for the underpart of the glass, and fixed with multi-component glue. The pin is handmade finished and assembled to the glass.

The Parqers are available in four different colors of anodized Aluminum:
• Syrah Silver
• Pinot Noir Black
• Chardonnay Gold
• Alvarinho Green

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