Iceland Is The Most Exotic Place On The Earth

Have a look at these amazing photos which prove that Iceland is the most exotic place on the earth.

House in Iceland

From ranting volcanos, a beautifully vulnerable weather and stunning hiking terrains, Iceland certainly offers you all this and much more. Apart from the deep fjords, ice-clad mountains and dangerously striking glaciers, there is just so much the country has to offer to those on a lookout. With a population count of only 320,000, Iceland still manages to retain its quaint yet tumultuous image that must be seen to be believed.


With more flights opening up for Iceland in the recent time, you can now easily plan a tour to this handsomely fragile country land. While any weather is ideal for your visit to Iceland, summers often come hurdled with a crowd of tourists. If quiet travels are your thing, winters in Iceland are for you. Distant from the freezing cold winds and negligible hours of daylight, you can cash in on the cheaper hotel stays while running a positive chance to witness the ever so popular (yet rare to be seen) Northern lights!


Glacial River in Iceland


Foggy Mountains


Rainbow over Kirkufell

Crater Rust

DC-3 Plane Wreckage

Aurora Borealis near a church


Wild Artic Fox in Iceland

Artic Fox