Luxurious Aria.S Superyacht

A highly appreciated Italian shipyard Arcadia Yachts has unveiled the first vessel from its 100 line, namely the Aria.S. This luxurious yacht features a very interesting hull shape, as well as aluminum verandas on its main deck. What truly makes Aria.S stand out among its peers is the fact that it incorporates a series of photovoltaic cells on its superstructure.

These cells ensure up to 5 kW of power, which is used to power the vessel’s electrical systems and equipment. Other important feature include an L-shaped lounging area, an “Arcadia Wheel” on the skydeck, and sliding glass windows that can be used to seal off the entire deck.

As far as decorations are concerned, Arcadia’s experts implemented minimalistic elements in shades of gray, as well as daring touches of red throughout the yacht.

The yacht was sketched out by the shipyard’s experts in collaboration with Francesco Guida Design and the National Physical Laboratory of England.