Luxury Beach Resort Mandarin Oriental In Sanya

The Mandarin Oriental Resort is located at the southern edge of one of the most scenic Chinese islands Sanya, Hainan. The resort is a fabulous place to spend a vacation at, as it offers a perfect balance between exquisite man-made luxury and breathtaking natural beauty.

Designed to meet and surpass the highest expectations, the resort boasts comfortable accommodations, exquisite dining options and a plethora of available activities that will keep you active during your stay.

Some of the most noteworthy amenities include private swimming pools, gazebos and patios, not to mention the eye-watering panoramas of the nearby waters and palm trees. There are eight different lounges and restaurants at Mandarin Oriental Sanya, as well as a lavish spa that offers Traditional Chinese Medicine programs and Asian massage therapy. Those of you who want to bring your children along will be glad to know that the resort also comprises a MoMo Kid’s Club that will keep the young ones entertained while you enjoy some private time.