Luxury Super Yacht Bugatti Niniette 66 by Palmer Johnson

The amazing Niniette 66 is the latest super yacht from the partnership of Bugatti and boat builder Palmer Johnson. This new $2.2 million super yacht is limited to 66 units only.

20-meter long luxury vessel decked out with mav V9 engines, the super yacht embodies bugatti’s automotive heritage, reaching speeds of up to 48 knots. Painted with the auto-manifacturer’s trademark blue, the Niniette 66 comes decked out in carbon fiber and titanium.

The lounge is designed to ‘cocoon you in a mixture of precious materials’— soft leather contrasted with polished metal, and suede paired with carbon. The super yacht comes decked out with more luxury amenities that you could imagine fitting into the 20-meter long craft.

The lower deck, named the ‘Sun Pad’ features a champagne bar and jacuzzi. Should you feel a bit chilly after taking a dip, you can warm up next to the yacht’s fire pit. The craft also incorporates a gallery kitched, a guest bathroom, and an enormous bed.