New Alien Stomper Athletic Shoes by Reebok

Reebok has released a slick new pair of limited-edition athletic shoes inspired by the epic finale clash between Ripley and her industrial-yellow Powerloader and the nasty xenomorph Alien Queen.

The international shoe company is offering the 2017 Alien Stomper in two models: The “Queen” Alien Stomper featuring high-sheen black patent leather and a toxic green glow, additionally welcoming a translucent midsole and signature forefoot strap, and The “Powerloader” Alien Stomper sporting a safety yellow leather upper, mesh panel overlay and icy orange outsole.

Both will be stepping into the market in a special two-pair “Battle Pack” on July 18 for $325 and packaged in an elaborate box marked with geeky references to the Alien mythology and loading dock details.