Objets Nomades Collection by Louis Vuitton 2017

French fashion house Louis Vuitton has crafted the ‘Objets Nomades’ collection, keeping alive their long tradition of travel objects. For this year’s Milan Design Week, India Mahdavi and Tokujin Yoshioka have joined some of the world’s most renowned designers to imagine the stunning items, adding ten new pieces to the set.

‘Palaver Chair’ and ‘Swing Chair’ by Patricia Urquiola

‘Palaver Chair’ and ‘Swing Chair’ details

Comprised of 25 pieces, the Objets Nomads collection sees, among others, a hammock, a deckchair, swing chairs, and a foldable stool. The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the designers brings together the company’s artisans with the ideas of the creatives, mixing their know-how with experimentation. Each project interprets the idea of travel in their own way, embodying the beauty of fine materials, the possibility of forms and the carefully balanced proportions highlighted by meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

‘Blossom Stool’ by Tokujin Yoshioka

Process images of Tokujin Yoshioka’s ‘Blossom Stool’

‘Rocking Chair’ by Marcel Wanders

The chair features a moon-shaped profile that effortlessly allows it to rock

‘Diamond Screen’ by Marcel Wanders

‘Bomboca Sofa’ by Campana brothers


‘Swing Boat’ by Atelier Oï

Attention to detail

‘Talisman Table’ by India Mahdavi

Images featuring the process behind India Mahdavi’s ‘Talisma Table’

‘Spiral Lamp’ by Atelier Oï

‘Belt chair’ by Atelier Oï

Louis Vuitton’s meticulous craftsmanship is highlighted in every detail

‘Cocoon’ by campana brothers

The lattice work on ‘Cocoon’ resembles a coral

‘Concertina Chair’ by Raw Edges

Foldable leather panels make up the ‘Concertina Chair’

‘Concertina shade’ by Raw Edges

Louis Vuitton expands Objets Nomades collection at Milan Design Week 2017