Primate Vases by Elena Salmistraro

Italian Product designer and artist Elena Salmistraro has created the set of fine ceramic vases named ‘Primates’, with playful appearance of different monkey types, such as the mandrill, cercopithecus kandti and debrazza’s monkey.

Elena’s collection ‘Primates’ for Bosa has been presented in Paris at Maison et Object 2017.

Elena Salmistraro has her own ptactice AlKo_studio and own fashion and design brand, Alla’s. She has worked as a product designer and artist/illustrator for various companies in the creative industry, such as Bosa, Seletti, Bitossi Home, Yoox, NasonMoretti, Massimo Lunardon, Okinawa, Offiseria, Texturae, Durame and Alla’s design, to name just a few. Elena Salmistraro lives and works in Milan.

The designer has also presented a set of plates with her drawings of the apes