Ravishing Blue Eye With Underwater Lounge

Cruise company Ponant is launching a world-first: Le Lapérouse will be the first cruise ship on Earth to be equipped with a multi-sensory underwater space, called Blue Eye. This unique concept shows off a breathtaking design, with vibrating sofas and an innovative sound system, capturing the blissful acoustics of the sea, and contributing to a one of a kind cruising experience and an unforgettable memory. The Blue Eye lounge is set to be available on Ponant’s fleet of four new luxury yachts, which means by 2018.

This outrageous social area sits two to three meters below the water level within the ship’s hull. Here, the lucky guests or passengers will be able to observe the underwater world, through two giant curved portholes designed in the shape of a cetacean eye.

Meanwhile, live footage of the surrounding marine life will be projected onto digital screens spread throughout this unique lounge and the sounds could be also experienced via hydrophones. Furthermore, the underwater projectors will also allow guests to observe subaquatic organisms from the outside decks ot the balconies of the ship – all without getting even a drop of water on you.