Refined Savelli Ruby Smartphone

The gadget is dedicated to modern women, and it comes in two versions named Savelli Ruby Mystery and Savelli Ruby Passion. The limited edition smartphones with luxurious adornments cost about $35,600 and about $57,500.

Limited to just 8 units, Ruby Passion is the most expensive of the two, as it comes with luxurious adornments comprised of 144 brilliant-cut diamonds complemented by Red Alligator leather on the caseback. Ruby Mystery features a similar design, but it comes with 395 brilliant-cut rubies that beautify its 18-carat white gold case. The back of the case is made out of stainless steel and is enveloped in black alligator rubberized leather. Ruby Mystery is limited to 20 units and costs about $35,600, while Ruby Passion could drain your bank account of about $57,500. The luxury gadgets have been created by the Geneva-based jewelry brand Savelli in partnership with Gemfields.