Royal Amanbagh In Rajasthan

Aman group of hotels chose this place in the heart of an oasis in Rajasthan, India, to set up its modern day ‘Mughal palace’ – Amanbagh, that has 24 Haveli suites (8 courtyard, 8 garden, 8 terrace) and 16 Pool Pavilions.

Derived from the Sanskrit word for peace ‘Aman’ and the Hindi word for garden ‘Bagh,’ Amanbagh is a verdant oasis of mature palm, fruit and eucalyptus trees lying in a walled compound that was once the staging area for royal hunts.

Amanbagh is a complete eat, pray, love experience. Like the movie, it is a journey of self-discovery and every guest will find that much-needed peace and relaxation. The rates start from $1150 per night plus taxes and includes daily breakfast for two.