Special Rolex Watch With A Domino’s Logo On The Dial

This special Rolex watch now is a part of a special series that was created as incentive for the pizza chain’s employees. One such a piece was actually given to a high achieving employee by Domino’s Pizza founder and CEO Tom Monaghan, who promised to give it to him if he turned in a twenty-thousand-dollar sales week.



After the employee in question managed to perform this special feat, the founder decided to give away Seikos to high-performers before replacing these “gifts” with $800 Air King Rolexes. The practice was known as the “Rolex Challenge,” and it lives on to this day in some form.



The difference is that Domino’s workers now need to turn in $25,000 sales for four weeks in a row in order to win the big prize. Moreover, the original challenge included Rolexes with a Domino’s logo on the dial, while the new versions have a metal version of the logo on the bracelet.




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