Stunning Still Life Photography

Here is a series of impressive still life photography examples that will calm your day. Enjoy!

Yane Naumoski — Day 247: Hazelnuts

Margarita K… — spring story…

If you’re willing to loose yourself into the photography world you might want to try still life photography. Still life photography implies full control over the image during the process of creating it. The Photographer controls composition, lighting and the general mood of the photo that is about to be made. It provides endless possibilities to photographers to express their creativity.

Laurens Kaldeway — Verdant

Laurens Kaldeway — On the Table

Tip number one that you might have in mind before you start with this style of photography is that you want to have everything well planned before you start. Because you have complete charge over the creative process the better you plan all the details the better photo you’ll end up with, for sure. The most important thing is lighting, so you want to pay a great deal of attention to it.

Donnie Nunley — Purple Grapes

Laurens Kaldeway — Trio

If you’re using natural light we don’t need to tell you that planning the time of the photoshoot is crucial. Also, pay attention to a background; for example, if you want your main subject to stand out use one color background. And maybe the best tip ever is – just do it. Once you start with it, you will find out all the beauty and necessity of the great still life photo taking.

Laurens Kaldeway — [oil and water]

Cat Girl 007 — Egg and Forks

Zipper of pencils

Bent but don’t break

Laurens Kaldeway — Cup of Beans

Elena K. — B&W Bananas

Ruben alexander — ‎”Man shall not live by bread alone,….

Laurens Kaldeway — Colour Trio

Ale Quero Dodge — All Of The While I Never Knew

Laurens Kaldeway — Coloured Pencils (ii)

CJ Schmit — Tools of the Trade

Laurens Kaldeway — Green Beans

moe4268 — Untitled

Alex Greenshpun — Dancing in the Rain

^ Missi ^ — Shell 1

Soul Tailor

Awesome strawberries