The Finalists Of The 14th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest

The finalists of The 14th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest have announced! Have a look at the winners of the Smithsonian’s 2017 Photography Competitions, selecting nine entries among more than 48 000 submissions from photographers in 146 countries and territories.

1. Natural World: Michael B. Hardie, for Turtle-Back Ride, taken at Hawaii.

2. Sustainable Travel: Kerry Koepping for Jakobshavn Melt taken at Greenland.

3. Natural World: Claire Waring for Yellow-Flecked Sipo, taken at Bosque Protector La Perla near La Concordia, Ecuador.

4. Travel: Aya Okawa, for Cádiz Streets, taken at sunset from small plane in Spain.

5. Natural World: Swaroop Singha Roy, The Hidden Murder, taken at India.

6. American Experience, Jassen Todorov for Paper Mill, aerial image taken at Lewiston, Idaho, United States.

7. Sustainable Travel: Dennis Zaebst for Keel-Billes Toucan, taken at Costa Rica.

8. Mobile: Alina Rudya for Surreal, taken at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada.

9. Natural World: Prelena Soma Owen for Look Me in the Eye, taken at the Chobe River in Botswana.

10. Grand Prize: Pradeep Raja for Ramadan Prayers, taken inside Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia, during the month of Ramadan.

11. Natural World: Mario Gustavo Fiorucci, for Dream, taken at Argentina.

12. American Experience: Stephanie Foden for Before the Portrait, taken amid a custody battle faced by Native Americans in Minnesota.

13. Natural World: Javier Arsenillas for Bestas, taken at Galicia, Spain.

14. Altered Images: Jim Mneymneh for Improvisation, showing dance in a studio.

15. Sustainable Travel: Lynda Hanwella for Brown-Eyed Beauty, taken at Uganda.

16. Readers Choice: Milan Sachs for Resting in a NYC Laundry Room, taken in New York.

17. Natural World: Karthik AK, for Father Calling, taken at Western Chats of India.

18. People: João Borges for Step by Step, taken in a shoemaker’s shop.

19. Travel: Kamil Nureev for Take Me Away, Dear!

20. Travel: Peter Nutkins for Individual Communication, taken on the London Underground.