The Largest-Ever Corporate Jet Citation Hemisphere

This impressive Textron’s largest-ever corporate jet, that is the first clean sheet design in its segment in more than 20 years, is still currently under development. The finished product is set to cost as much as $35 million and it’s scheduled to arrive by 2020.

The American aerospace company has imagined the widest cabin in its class, able to accommodate up to 19 passengers in style and comfort. Seats and cabinetry are custom-designed and handcrafted in-house, complemented by thermo-electric technology, a three-place divan that converts to a bed and a full galley where you could enjoy a few snacks.

The flight crew has also been considered, which is why this stunning jet packs a fly-by-wire transoceanic flight management system, with Honeywell’s fully integrated Primus Epic avionics system and a special SmartView technology, offering a detailed 3D view of the outside world even in bad weather conditions.

In terms of power, two all-new Safran Silvercrest engines will propel the jet at speeds up to Mach 0.9 for more than 5,100 miles, with reduced noise and emissions.