The Oldest Nikon Camera Was Sold For Over $400,000

The oldest Nikon camera that boasts its original F2 Nikkor H lens, and is accompanied by a very rare double strap case, certainly sets a record when it was purchased for no less than $406,000.


The device features a unique inscription that says “made in occupied Japan,” and it has a beautiful black and silver body. Dubbed Nikon One, the bidding war for it started at just $95,000 and eventually soared to $406,000, so as you can probably imagine, someone really wanted to own this unique piece of Nikon history.



The sale took place at Austria’s Westlicht Photgraphica auction, and the reason for this mind-boggling price tag is quite simple: this is the third ever camera created by Nikon, as it was put together back in 1948.




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