Too Mind-Blowing Halo Board

The Halo Board is an electric unique skateboard as it relies on a single wheel inserted right at its center. On a full charge, the Halo Board offers a range of 9.9 miles, while the top speed is reached at 12.4 mph.

The edges of the board are equipped with LED lights for a more futuristic look, while a built-in Bluetooth speaker syncs up with pretty much any smartphone, just in case the rider wants to listen to his or her favorite tunes while on the move.

The single wheel measures eight inches, and it is equipped with a series of micro V2 Halo Sensors that help users maintain their balance on the board. The product senses when the user leans forward and responds by accelerating. After a while, the sensors can adapt to each person’s unique riding style and are able to perform adjustments accordingly.