Underwater Drone for Fishing

The PowerRay is an underwater drone for fishing, that change the fishing world. It comes equipped with a 4K camera that connects via WiFi or Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device. It can also take 12 MP photos. You can stream live to your device in 1080P.

Underwater fishing drone can dive 30 meters deep and have a 4 hour long battery life. It also features a fishfinder sonar, which can detect fish at 40 meters, and unmanned aerial vehicles even have a fish temptation to attract fish.

With PowerRay PowerVision trying to reform the phishing we all know, you can even control PowerRay VR Google. Based on these goggles attitude navigation. So that the fishing UAV in response to head movements, and corresponding movement.

The fishfinder can also be used separately for underwater landscape information, temperature and fish. Everything will be available through this app and you can also fish the alarm. PowerRay is expected to ship in February 2017, but the price has not been disclosed.