Unique Luxe Fountain Pen Costs $18,000

Italian luxury brand Montegrappa and Polish company Wealth Solutions have teamed up to create a luxe pen that comes filled with a 275-year-old extremely rare cognac, which was placed masterfully into a capsule on its cap.

It is available in two different versions in gold and silver, each limited to 10 and 100 units respectively. The gold version costs $17,712 to be precise, while the sterling silver variant of the Gautier Cognac fountain pen is much more affordable at $5,904.

A collector’s delight, the Gautier cognac fountain pen holds a drop of the smooth spirit in a capsule on the cap. The rare cognac was scored by Wealth Solutions in a liquor auction organized by Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers in NYC. Along with the 1796 bottle and its deluxe content, the collectors firm also received a title for this as the oldest cognac sold at a public auction to-date. Different versions of the pen will be sold – one in gold for men and two others’ in sterling silver for both sexes.

The pen that you’re looking at right now was sold by a Polish company named Wealth Solutions at an auction in New York City, and it boasts a body and cap made out of pure oak wood, which is adorned with grapevine details.