WheelsAndMore’s Ferrari 488 GTS Triple Seven

This tuned Ferrari 488 Spider has more power than a new McLaren 720S, after receiving a tune-up from WheelsAndMore (WAM). Baptized the Ferrari 488 GTS Triple Seven, it had its 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine massaged to deliver 777PS (766hp) – hence its name – and 895Nm (660lb-ft) of torque, through the tuner’s Stage III performance upgrade.

This gives it a significant advantage over the stock Ferrari 488 Spider, which has to do with 670PS (661hp) and 760Nm (561lb-ft) of torque, and takes 3 seconds dead to reach 100km/h (62mph), before topping out at 325km/h (203 mph).

The tuner will happily apply this performance upgrade to the 488 GTB as well, and, for the right price, will also fit it with an exhaust valve control that transforms the V8 symphony at the touch of a button.

Since the company’s name is ‘WheelsAndMore’, this tweaked Ferrari 488 Spider was given an aftermarket set of rims, 9.0×21-inch with 255/30 tires on the front axle, and 12.0×21-inch wrapped in 325/25 rubber on the rear axle. The wheels can be specified in various colors, according to each customer’s taste.