Williamson Wheelmen Bicycle

This exceptional bicycle ensure that The Wheelmen is both work of art and mode of transportation like no other. Each Wheelmen bicycle is a custom-built masterpiece. Only 10 of each color will be manufactured.

Luxury sports equipment brand Williamson Goods collaborates with another local, the Detroit bicycle company, in creating a copper-plated, python-skin wrapped, handmade bicycle.

The frame, fork, lugs, and stem are all handmade by Williamson, with individual copper details and subtle logos brazed in place. Each component is wrapped with python or crocodile and hand sewn. Brake levers, gear system, pedals, and cranks are then assembled to your exact specifications. All of our animal skins are CITES certified, thus they are harvested in a sustainable and humane process. In addition, no chemical bi-products are used in the tanneries. Each Bicycle will be engraved with its respectivw limited edition number 1 through 10.